Friday, June 27, 2008

Let's Invite Canada, Too

Dear EAPSI-nerds,

Oh my, this has been seriously insanely fun, to the max. That's scientifically proven.

Mark, the Mighty Grape has a birthday on July 14. City Jungle is our destination, beer is our consumption.

I hope every can make it. RSVP..., or don't, I don't care, I'm going to be there on the 14th, with or without you (including Mr. Grape).

And... who else has birthdays while we are here...?


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Indiana Phones and the Taiwan of Doom

Dear EAPSIs,

I've compiled some phone resources for us while in Taiwan:
According to Mike W. and some friends in Taiwan, it might be easier just to buy international calling cards.

Calling Cards are ~ $300 TWD for 60 minutes
SimCards are ~ $0.18 TWD/second

Taiwan Youth Travel
also seems to have lots of resources, and was highly recommended.

Only 18 days until orientation - I'm not prepared... but I couldn't be more ready.


PS: I'm compiling my karaoke songs-to-learn list... suggestions?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Advice from Andrew

Andrew Portnoy, an EAPSI Taiwan alum, writes:

Most important: Keep an open mind and use this opportunity to try and learn new things.

Travel advice:
You've probably already heard about how quickly time will pass for you on the island. My advice here is to be especially proactive about planning activities and trips. As soon as possible get your calendar and devote a weekend for a trip to Taipei and/or Kenting (south end of the island = beaches). That itself is a major step toward making it happen. City to city buses can be very convenient as well as the High Speed Rail system. Your hosts will be great for travel partners, giving advice on destinations and how to get around.

You will undoubtedly improve your communication skills particularly in areas of determining what's really important and breaking down complex ideas into their basic elements. Using analogies and metaphors will be helpful when vocabulary is a problem. (Example: A boat is a car for the water.) I know very little Mandarin, but this was not a problem at all. You may want to carry a card with your address/directions or other important places unique to you because they won't be in the standard travel dictionary.

More info: (my blog posts from the summer are here as well as links to some pictures)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Look, Magellan, we're at this wrinkle here...


About a month ago, I took the liberty of putting people's names and their email addresses into "push pins" on a Google map. This seems like a quick way to see who's in your neighborhood over there and maybe find a person to buddy up with and get a free place to crash as you venture around the countryside.

For those who are collaborators, the map is fully editable and located under your "My Maps" tab of Google Maps. Please feel free to update your pin's comments with contact info, move the pin to your exact location, or change its color to your favorite (mine's blue). Also, if you're privy to some cool sites in Taiwan, please add an icon and description. I labeled a bike path for the fellow joggers. Could use some beach or snorkeling info.

If you're a little uneasy about broadcasting your info/location to the world--a la Gene Hackman, Enemy of the State--simply delete your pin and return to your electromagnetic radiation-proof lair. Holler in the comments if you add anything substantial. [Map Link]

Monday, April 14, 2008

Thanks Mike for setting this all up. Anyone found a place to live yet? I am thinking about a few days at the beach in Tainan before orientation because I know I will not get any breaks before then!

And we're live.

Author invites were just sent out to EAPSI Taiwan 2008 members. You can either sign in to Blogger with an existing Google account, or create one. If anyone get's hung up with the login/account creation process, please contact me. With that, I'd like to request some fresh posts!

Alums, please toss up some random thoughts, advice, ideas for good vacay spots on the island. Anything that you think might help with our transition.

Noobs, if you'd like a link to your personal picture website, please leave your info in a comment. I'll try to get them compiled and in the column on the right as a hyperlink.

--Mike S.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Holiday KTV: Hsinchu Karaoke/Farewell Rachael

Dear SIT Crew:

Karaoke party tonight at Holiday KTV in Hsinchu to celebrate Rachael! Donations will also be accepted for the "Shuai Ge Scooter Fund." :^P

Meeting coordinates (x,y,t): NTHU Main Gate, 7.15PM.

Sing you later,
Shuai Ge