Friday, April 27, 2007

Hi....This is Jamie

My name is Jamie. I was the host student for SIT2006 program and hosted Jon before.
I am now the graduate student in the University of Arizona. I like Taiwan , Chinese culture and Asia. I am learning Japanese also. I would like to share my experience. I like the following vedio about Taiwan, enjoy !!!

Early Arrival to Taiwan

Hello, gang

I am thinking about booking my flight for 27-June-2007 departure from the East Coast (Newark?) U.S.. For those who think that they would prefer to arrive early (as opposed to late departure on return to the U.S.) I'm happy to have company. I plan to book my flight on Monday, 30-April-2007, so I'm flexible in the next few days. Send a note if you want to coordinate.

Keep Smiling
-Mike Wininger!