Saturday, July 7, 2007

i've gone and done it--there is a facebook group called "SIT 2007". it's a closed group. i figured calling it EAPSI would leave out the taiwanese and the canadians =P. i haven't seen any other groups for this event, but if I'm mistaken let me know.

for those who have cell phones or land lines, i'm at 0928 477 621 or MSN is, AIM: joryrl. i'll be in hsinchu and taipei with hopefully weekend trips to central taiwan.

and to the staff, thanks again for an awesome week. i hope you guys have slept lots since yesterday.

Jason's Web Album

Hello all.

I've uploaded all of my pictures from SIT 2007 to Google Picasa. Click the following picture below to view. Feel free to download any of these pictures. If anyone objects to having their picture online like this, please let me know.

2007 Taiwan SIT

I also uploaded the video of the 'tongue' dance from the farewell party (I've specified this video to be private which means that it is unlisted). Follow this link:

I miss you all already, and hope that we can see one another before we leave Taiwan. I am at the National Central University in Jhongli, Taoshun. I will probably head down to Taipei during some of the weekends while I'm here. Please let me know if any of you are nearby, and want to meet up.

My contact information is as follows:
Primary Email:
Skype: jasonsalonga

See you all soon,
-Sand Dragon Plus

sunday/monday in Taipei

I think En-Chi, AKA coffee grande, will be in taipei this sunday/monday. i plan on going out, maybe doing some gift shopping and clubbing, although nothings set-in-stone. if you wanna meet up, email me and we can set up a time and place to meet up.

Eric Ott


Hey everyone,

Just can't believe this week has finished. I think most of you are going to stay in north. I probably head back to Tainan next monday. If anyone wants to take a visit, let me know, this time I am not gonna take you to the beach. wanna know why? ask Matt, Al-aakhir or Mike. Really have great time this week. SIT ROCKS!!

here's my contact

ppl who use facebook can add me with that email.

see u guys soon

Friday, July 6, 2007

This is Joel speaking

You guyz were all here... It was established earlier, right?

This is my mail

Keep in contact


Hello, Gang!

We welcome our newest members to the blog: Team Canada and the SIT staff! As we begin Phase II of out Taiwan adventure (research) this blog can serve as a picture post, link drop, and message board to keep up on weekend happenings and Taiwan Q&A.

Blog help for computer-phobes can be found by emailing Mike:

Hăo yùn [Good Luck!]
Shuai Ge