Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hey... I have something to say....

Now, I normally have a lot to say, but i am trying to curb my enthusiasm. But I cannot contain it any longer... I got my e-mail today to book my ticket. IS ANYONE ELSE AS EXCITED AS I AM! I CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO TAIWAN!!!

Now be honest, who has really had enough time to even open the packet from DC? i know i haven't even looked at my visa form since the first day i received it.

I barely know how to say hello! LOL!
Yo, it is going to be "on and poppinn'" in Taiwan. So, who will be the brave soul to make their reservation first? I have to be honest again, I want to go to China first, or leave early and hit the beach up in Taiwan or something. I want to have fun there, but first line of business is business.

Any ideas, suggestions? I have just about forgotten everything I learned in DC, sooo, I have some work to do.

Hey, I AM ESTACTIC (did I spell that right?) Ok, how about I am EXCITED!

bLeSs YoU reAL GOoD!