Tuesday, April 10, 2007



Not that anyone wants to know this much about me... but I have my own website with a bunch of pictures from my recent trip to Taiwan (among other things). If anyone is interested you can find it at www.whereishollie.net I am also excited for the trip and look forward to seeing you all again.

Take Care,


3 Easy Steps to Posting Your News

Hey, Gang!

For those of us who have already created an account, here's how to contribute to the blog:

1) Click the "Sign In" link in the Upper-Right-Hand corner (Right-Click and Open In New Window to keep these instructions visible as you progress through Steps 2 and 3)
2) Select the "New Blogger" to sign in "Using your Google Account"
3) Log in using yourblogger or gmail account

For those of us who have not yet figured out how to create an account, you will need to create a blogger or gmail account. This can be done by clicking the invitation sent to you on 9 April. (I can re-send on request.)

Keep Smiling,
Shuai Ge

Monday, April 9, 2007

Nĭnhăo! .... Zěnme cāozuò?? [Hello! .... How do I work this thing??]

Hello, Taiwan Delegates!

I have set up this blog as a way for us to exchange information, share wisdom, and ask questions. The blog will also allow you to upload pictures and stories so that our friends, family, and colleagues can keep updated on our whereabouts and goings-on!

If you are a computer-phobe, you can email me (Mike Wininger) at wininger@eden.rutgers.edu, and I will assist you in learning how to post messages, comment on others' messages, and navigate the site.

Hăo yùn [Good Luck!]
Shuai Ge