Monday, May 19, 2008

Look, Magellan, we're at this wrinkle here...


About a month ago, I took the liberty of putting people's names and their email addresses into "push pins" on a Google map. This seems like a quick way to see who's in your neighborhood over there and maybe find a person to buddy up with and get a free place to crash as you venture around the countryside.

For those who are collaborators, the map is fully editable and located under your "My Maps" tab of Google Maps. Please feel free to update your pin's comments with contact info, move the pin to your exact location, or change its color to your favorite (mine's blue). Also, if you're privy to some cool sites in Taiwan, please add an icon and description. I labeled a bike path for the fellow joggers. Could use some beach or snorkeling info.

If you're a little uneasy about broadcasting your info/location to the world--a la Gene Hackman, Enemy of the State--simply delete your pin and return to your electromagnetic radiation-proof lair. Holler in the comments if you add anything substantial. [Map Link]