Friday, April 27, 2007

Hi....This is Jamie

My name is Jamie. I was the host student for SIT2006 program and hosted Jon before.
I am now the graduate student in the University of Arizona. I like Taiwan , Chinese culture and Asia. I am learning Japanese also. I would like to share my experience. I like the following vedio about Taiwan, enjoy !!!

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tintintin said...

Hi everyone there!
I am also from Taiwan.
I was the organizor SIT 2006, you guys can call me TinTin.
I've read most of you guys' articles on this website. I think you guys must be really excited about coming to Taiwan. Well I can provide some useful links to make you more enjoy your staying.
Here are some Chinese learning websites:
If you copy-and-paste Chinese characters into the software, little definitions will pop out.

This is the pinyin site:

This site has Chinese lessons available:

These are other good references: