Saturday, July 7, 2007

i've gone and done it--there is a facebook group called "SIT 2007". it's a closed group. i figured calling it EAPSI would leave out the taiwanese and the canadians =P. i haven't seen any other groups for this event, but if I'm mistaken let me know.

for those who have cell phones or land lines, i'm at 0928 477 621 or MSN is, AIM: joryrl. i'll be in hsinchu and taipei with hopefully weekend trips to central taiwan.

and to the staff, thanks again for an awesome week. i hope you guys have slept lots since yesterday.

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Jean said...

forgot to add--i can't find most of you on facebook, so i'm either putting in incorrect emails or it's past our time (which is entirely possible given that facebook became popular in 2004 or 2005...), so if it suits you search for me instead: ""